1. Reciprocating experiences and cooperation between Arab, European and other countries on the governmental and nongovernmental levels in various environmental issues which help mitigate pollution throughout partnership between both sides in the detection, evaluation and early warning system in the field of environment.
2. Providing consultation, studies, technologies, journals and scientific books in different branches of environment to governmental and nongovernmental bodies on the Arab and European levels, as well as to other countries, in addition to benefiting from international experiences to improve the environmental quality in such countries.
3. Assisting countries, organizations as well as governmental and nongovernmental bodies in providing financial support to environmental projects and programs from international funds and other resources.
4. Carrying out a major role in supporting investments and projects in the field of environment, alternative energies and green buildings; together with encouraging businessmen from the Arab, the European and other sides to invest in this field.
5. Carrying out humanistic environmental projects that serves and supports residents of distressed areas in Arab, European and other countries.
6. Activating and encouraging environmental tourism in the Arab, the European and other regions throughout disseminating and enhancing the culture of environmental tourism among the different classes of society.
7. Holding exhibitions, conferences, forums, workshops, seminars and training courses pertinent to environmental sustainable development, as well as activating the environmental economy in collaboration with Arab and European chambers of commerce as well as with governmental authorities and bodies, universities, research centers and other entities.
8. Strengthening work and bolstering ties and cooperation among different international governmental and nongovernmental environmental institutions by virtue of treaties, agreements and memorandums of understanding in such a manner that benefits the objectives of EAEO and develops the international environmental level.
9. Launching environmental initiatives that avail the Arab, European and other communities allover the world, and realize benefits to individuals and societies.
10. Launching international appreciation rewards to encourage the Arab and the European human successful contributions towards environment and sustainable development.
11. Granting medals and badges of honor to presidents and public figures on the Arab and the European levels, as well as to other international figures supporting environmental work.
12. Establishing nonprofit specialized environmental faculties, training and research centers, organizations, clubs and societies in the Arab, the European and other countries to cater for international environmental issues and objectives.